Listing Co.

Pre-ipo restructuring and restructuring:

Due diligence on target enterprises;

To formulate plans for restructuring and restructuring;

Drafting relevant legal documents;

Assist target enterprises to complete the record and approval procedures of government departments.

Share issuance and listing and financing:

Domestic a-share mainboard, small-sized board, gem listing and financing business;

Overseas red chips and equity listing and financing business.

Mergers and acquisitions of listed companies:

Due diligence;

Legal assessment;

Planning, drafting and revising of trading documents;

Transaction assets, the handover and execution of the company;

To evaluate and declare anti-trust issues in merger and acquisition projects;

The crisis management of the investment projects;

Company control scheme;

Shareholders' equity relief;

Equity dispute handling.

Issuance and listing of bonds and other securities:

Foreign debt issuance by Chinese companies (such as dollar bonds, eurobonds, RMB dim sum bonds, etc.);

Interbank bond market issuance (such as renminbi bonds, corporate bonds, financial bonds, non-financial corporate debt financing instruments issued by foreign institutions in China);

Exchange market debt (such as listed company bonds, convertible bonds, small and medium-sized enterprises private fundraising, etc.).

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