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Beijing LanPing Law Offices was founded on 2004, located in Beijing, and is a globalized law firm focus on the financial investment legal services.

 LanPing law offices have established eleven departments, which includes the private equity and venture Investment department, the new 3rd board legal service department, the listing companies legal service department, the accounting and taxation legal service department, the bankruptcy and nonperforming asset disposition department, the bank trust fund and insurance legal service department, the intellectual property department, the bond financing legal service department, the financial administration department, the financial crime legal service department, and the financial civil law suit and arbitration department. LanPing law offices have also established international collaboration center which has representative offices in thirty countries, which includes United States, Russian Federation, Singapore, Japan, Isreal, to form a globalize legal service network covering major countries in the financial investment field.

LanPing law offices orientate us as a professional, high-end, and refined legal service firm. Relying on our own expertise and specialties in the financial investment field, we have the investment resource and project resources with hundreds of large scale PE institution, more than fifty public companies, and tens of large industry groups inside China. Also, we have the resource with hundreds of investment firms and industry enterprise outside China, which in term help us constructed a high-end, credible, efficient network and system.

LanPing’s lawyers always uphold the practice philosophy that we should always attract and touch our customers with professionalism, credibility, integrity, and responsibility, grow together with our customers, and create value for our customers.

On the philosophy of our business development, LanPing law offices always uphold the work spirit of rigorous hard-working, the entrepreneur spirit away from rigidity and stagnation, the work standard that always quests for ultimate perfection. Also, we implement this philosophy into the recruitment process of each lawyer, the criticizing and evaluation of each lawyer, the training process of each assistance lawyer, the execution of each case, the operation of each project, the research of each legal issue, the confirmation of each legal vocabulary, the concern of each punctuation.

Based on the LanPing’s business development philosophy, we established, with our special characteristic, the partnership system, the talent training program, the quality assurance and risk management system, the salary and compensation system, and so on. We have zero tolerant to mediocrity and lack of achievement in order to form a positive energy work environment of mutual supporting, mutually responsible, and mutually evaluating. Let the lawyer or staff, with integrity and talent who continuously contributes to the team, to excel in our organization. Let each employee excel because of LanPing, and let LanPing excel because of each staff.

LanPing Lawyer, the trusted financial investment legal expert around you!